Assembly requires no loose parts, no tools, no balancing acts or athletic feats.
Just slide and lock your light, individual panels in place!

No other portable display company offers the patented connecting system of the ModularOne Endurance display system. Panels are connected with hidden slide clips resulting in a completely seamless look. To activate the clips, slide the panels together and they automatically lock into place.

Brilliant colors, vibrant textures. You can choose from dozens of finish options. Slatwall, backlit panels, storage doors, countertops, and monitor panels are only a few. Every Endurance display gives you the flexability to use multiple colors and textures.

In addition, the Endurance system offers the flexability to create endless configurations simply by rearranging panels and components. Endurance systems offer the flexability to adapt to various shows. Smaller displays can be created from a larger display and visa-versa.

What a concept!

No matter how large or small your company, no matter what your budget, your designers are free to create a unique display with the Endurance system. You can begin with a basic display now, and as your company expands you can add to it piece by piece.

Keep in mind there is no minimum display package you must purchase.

The Endurance system allows you to decide what your company needs and provides you with numerous panel size options and accessories from which to choose. Simply mix and match them to suit your requirements.

The retractable stacking pin - another unique feature included in all Endurance displays. This allows an upper panel to be used in a lower panel position - an absolute must when splitting a backdrop system into two tabletops. Monitor cut-out and stand provide visual impact. The cut-out height and position is custom built to specification. The monitor stand is secured to the panel for added stability. Partial and full lightbox panels fold flat for easy transport. Today's rapidly advancing technology demands computer accomodations. The keyboard shelf slides into the panel when not in use. The cutout puts the monitor at eye level.
Flexable and rigid corners offer unlimited configuration possibilities - rigid corners can be finished in fabric or laminate. Standard panels and corners can be used to configure a variety of towers and can be stacked several panels high. Free-standing and attached pedestals are reversable and available with doors and locks. Tops and sides of countertops are finished with laminate. Locking full-size door used for conference or storage rooms can be finished in fabric or laminate.
Portable and bulk shipping cases can interlock and move in tandem. They are rotational molded from rugged polyethlene and transpot easily on wheels. Backlit headers and bridges are available in varied widths.

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